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Tips For A Truly Wonderful Day At The Farmers Market

  • Come Hungry for Breakfast or Brunch! Various vendors serve hot food prepared on site.
  • Get to know what’s in season so you will know what to look for and what to expect.
  • Get to know our vendors. Take advantage of our website.
  • Come prepared with your own shopping cart or heavy duty market bags and prepare for the weather.
  • Various Vendors accept cash, credit and SNAP/EBT tokens. Bring small bills to make giving change easy.
  • Bargaining or haggling over prices is not what Farmers Markets are about.
  • Service dogs welcome according to Virginia code 51.5-44.
  • For safety reasons, please do not enter Market prior to 8:00 a.m.

Payment Options


Smaller bills are easier to use and vendors can make change easily.


Various vendors accept credit card payments. Check with vendors prior to purchase.

SNAP/EBT program

In 2015, vendors began accepting SNAP/EBT cards at Dale City Farmers Market. Eligible customers may use their SNAP/EBT card to purchase market tokens which are accepted as cash by our market vendors. Each token has a cash value of $1.

Bring your SNAP EBT card to the SNAP Token tent. Swipe your card for the amount of SNAP EBT market tokens you wish to buy. Spend your market tokens at different market vendors to buy SNAP eligible foods. Not all vendors participate in the SNAP/EBT program.